Friday, February 22, 2013

Plant Strong Dinner 20130222

This is this evening dinner.  I estimate between 400 and 450 calories and I probably wont be able to eat it all.  A glass of water with a sixth of an orange squeezed into it.  From the bottom clock wise:  corn cobblets 180c, left over lentil curry and rice ~175, three slices of avocado on 5 slices of cucumber and a two slices of onion with balsamic vinegar sprinkled on them, broiled cabbage and mushrooms.

(UPDATE:  left almost all the the cabbage and mushrooms, the rest I managed to eat.  I was really hungry tonight because I forgot my breakfast this morning and had to rely on what I had in my lunch sack.  I had a few nuts and some milk.  LOL, I had the milk but not the cereal.  This sounds weird, but I eat at work while I read emails and plan my day. ) 

I started eating Plant Strong about 3 weeks ago on a Sunday, or Feb 3rd.  As of this morning I have lost 7+ pounds.  I haven't stuck to the guidelines 100% every day but I am trying.  Its not hard to stay in the guidelines.  My only problem has been giving up the yogurt and eggs.  And I found out that Qdoba's food has oil in almost everything and they have been my go to place for eating out at lunch.   Bob Evans has  been great, they have a veggie platter, so I get a baked potato, broccoli, fruit and a salad and that is plenty.   I am going to have to investigate some better foods to eat out. 

Today I came home after work instead of going to the Y like normal Friday nights.   I love the spin class then a good swim.  But I had a doctor appointment after work and he informed me I am sicker then I believed.  He gave me a steroid shot to stifle a respiratory infection I am trying to get.  Then told me if I am not better tomorrow to fill the Prednisone script he gave me and take that for 9 days.  By the time I left I was so worn out I figured I best not swim with a needle stick.  Not much of an excuse but it worked at the moment and I am glad I did because I am really tired now. 

I am going to go find something on the TV or Netflix and go to sleep early.

Training: Swim XXXX yds. Run X miles, Bike XXX miles, Spin XX Minutes, Cardio XX Minutes, Yoga XX Minutes.
Weight 182.x
Lesson for today:  Resting is not being lazy.