Monday, January 29, 2018

Don't be a FashionMia Victim

My experience has been an expensive lesson.  

The quality of their product(s) is very poor.  I applied for a refund of $65 on September 15th and as of Jan 29th have not received it. 

Read some of the complaints on the  Better Business Bureau site before you too are a victim.

I am not going to fill this post with details but I went through the correct procedure and followed all their rules and requests.  

...every day may not be good, but there is good, in every day. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Plant Strong Dinner 20130222

This is this evening dinner.  I estimate between 400 and 450 calories and I probably wont be able to eat it all.  A glass of water with a sixth of an orange squeezed into it.  From the bottom clock wise:  corn cobblets 180c, left over lentil curry and rice ~175, three slices of avocado on 5 slices of cucumber and a two slices of onion with balsamic vinegar sprinkled on them, broiled cabbage and mushrooms.

(UPDATE:  left almost all the the cabbage and mushrooms, the rest I managed to eat.  I was really hungry tonight because I forgot my breakfast this morning and had to rely on what I had in my lunch sack.  I had a few nuts and some milk.  LOL, I had the milk but not the cereal.  This sounds weird, but I eat at work while I read emails and plan my day. ) 

I started eating Plant Strong about 3 weeks ago on a Sunday, or Feb 3rd.  As of this morning I have lost 7+ pounds.  I haven't stuck to the guidelines 100% every day but I am trying.  Its not hard to stay in the guidelines.  My only problem has been giving up the yogurt and eggs.  And I found out that Qdoba's food has oil in almost everything and they have been my go to place for eating out at lunch.   Bob Evans has  been great, they have a veggie platter, so I get a baked potato, broccoli, fruit and a salad and that is plenty.   I am going to have to investigate some better foods to eat out. 

Today I came home after work instead of going to the Y like normal Friday nights.   I love the spin class then a good swim.  But I had a doctor appointment after work and he informed me I am sicker then I believed.  He gave me a steroid shot to stifle a respiratory infection I am trying to get.  Then told me if I am not better tomorrow to fill the Prednisone script he gave me and take that for 9 days.  By the time I left I was so worn out I figured I best not swim with a needle stick.  Not much of an excuse but it worked at the moment and I am glad I did because I am really tired now. 

I am going to go find something on the TV or Netflix and go to sleep early.

Training: Swim XXXX yds. Run X miles, Bike XXX miles, Spin XX Minutes, Cardio XX Minutes, Yoga XX Minutes.
Weight 182.x
Lesson for today:  Resting is not being lazy.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Indi Road Trip Under Way

I am doing laundry and packing. I am going to Indi on Monday to ride back 120 miles over two days. The original plan was to ride up, hang out and ride back. But I decided it was too early in the season and too little training to try such a mammoth task. So I shortened my part of the trip. Dave is still riding up but I will meet him in Indi on Monday afternoon and ride back with him on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Its a beautiful day out and I have been just piddling around the house, something I seldom get to do. I was pulling my laundry out of the dryer, bent over and got winded. I am not in the habit of getting up and taking my medication. I usually take it while I am in the car on the way somewhere. Today, just because I am home, I hadnt taken it.
I havent gotten much done today, and have a small list of things I need to do before I leave Monday, but I want to be lazy today, so I am going to take a nap before evening church.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Country Run

We decided not to run the Anthem 5K. Instead we ran the country roads around my house.

8.2 Miles!!

We intentionally went slow, we walked alot, there was lots of wheezing on my part, we learned some leasons, but we did it, 8.2 miles!!

whatcha put into it?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Indy Road Trip Planning

I am planning a road trip to Indi, on my bike. Two days up, one day to rest and site see and two days back. About 250 miles all together.

I am gonna try.

The current plan is to head out March 19th.

Impossible is not a work. Kutless

Sunday, January 09, 2011

A new Year: 2011

I revised this blog. I hadn't posted anything in years. Its not what I want it to be so I made some changes and got with the times.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Running Faster.

Forever, I have averaged about 13.5 minute mile either running or run/walking it.

Last night, for the first time ever, I RAN a mile in 12 minutes.

Whoo hoo, I am proud of me.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

From the one who lives for the GRUNG look.

Big Guy: “My hair is so soft. Here feel it.”

Inaudible reply.

Big Guy: “I've been using the Orange Soap* in the shower. Look how good my hair looks.”

As he leaves the room mumbling My Husband says “At least he’s using something.”

*Tangerine Shower Gel

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Family Funnies: The Hygienist

Last night on the way home from the Y, my family was discussing our latest trip to the dentist.

My Husband “I got a clean bill of health.”

Me “Me and Monster have cavities.”

Monster “She made me bleed.”

Big Guy “She’s the hottest.”

My Husband “Monster, you need to lay off the Candy.”

Me “His is way in the back and hard to get to.”

Monster “She stabbed me 18 times, I was still bleeding hours later.”

Big Guy “I can’t wait until my next appointment. She’s hot.”

My Husband “You guys need to brush better and more often.”

Me “She was a little rough.”

Monster “She cut my lip.”

Big Guy “She can clean my teeth any time. She’s hot”

My Husband “I didn’t have any problems with her.”

Me “She used my chin for leverage and now my TMJ is acting up.”

Monster “She tried to pull my teeth out with the floss.”

Big Guy “She’s soooo hot.”

About this time, I look over at my husband to say “Are you getting all this?” And he has the biggest grin on his face trying to keep from laughing out loud. I loose it, and we are both laughing as he says “She’s HOT.”

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Malcolm In the Middle Rerun

Last night I needed to have a talk with Big Guy. He has been into some things I don’t think a 14 year old needs to be into. So when I picked him up from his Wednesday night youth group, we had a long talk.

He made fun in the beginning about it being a 3-hour talk like on Malcolm in the Middle. I laughed and said I didn’t think I had THAT MUCH to say.

We did sit in the car in the garage in the semidarkness and talk for over an hour.

I hope he heard what I had to say.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Can’t Walk and Chew Gum…

I was gonna tell you all about my great run yesterday. Then I had a wild ride, so I changed my mind. I’m a women, I can do that.

I ran 3 miles. I made it by picking small goals and conquering them one by one. It was incredible. It was very humid but I still did very well. I ran further and walked less than I expected. One signpost down, small tree down, mailbox down, pothole down. You get the idea?

Okay, I am proud of myself and I was going to chat about my ride.

I was off work with the intention of spending most of it at the hospital with a friend. After the crash and burn of Thursday, I needed something more to calm me down besides all the sugar I inhaled. I decided I would get some of my work out in that I was behind in. I ran then went to the hospital for a couple hours and then home again to ride.

It was about 2 and it was pretty hot. I planned on doing the new 17+ miles out and back route I had mapped out last week. It has a nasty curvy road for about a mile and a half but the rest is great. Its got hilly sections and some flat sections and plenty of shade, the perfect training route.

So off I go, with plenty of water and a slow easy ‘lets-get-some-miles-in’ pace. I wasn’t out for any time trails. I had plenty of time, an oddity for me. I just wanted to ride for a couple hours. The first mile is flat, then a gigantic hill, and then the next two miles are hill intervals. I am going through the hill intervals and am going up hill number three. I am going pretty slow, needing to feel the burn in my legs instead of the burn in my lungs. This is harder than when I zoom, zoom, zoom them. I gear down, and that isn’t enough, so I stand up on the pedals. My gears didn’t shift right and just as I come to a full stance, they catch and I come to a complete STOP.

Weeeell, I didn’t come to a complete stop. The next thoughts in my head were:

“I just CRASHED.”

“ I just crashed on my FACE.”


“Are those my Ray-Bans over there.”

“NO, its, the visor off my helmet.”

“Ray-Bans are hurting my cheek.”

“I just CRASHED.”

“For the First time.”

Now I am standing

“My head hurts.”

“My Face hurts.”

“I’m bleeding.”

“Wish I had a mirror.”

“How bad is it?”

“I am. Really. Bleeding.”

Now I have gotten the bike off the road and have my helmet back together.

“Will I make it home?”

“No cell phone, no one there to come get me.”

“Can I make the whole ride?”

My head no longer hurts and I have my handlebars straightened now.

“Oh, bike mirror!!!”

“Not too much damage for falling on your face.”

“Ride and see how you feel.”

Now I have gotten back on the bike and have made it up the hill and feeling much better than what my imaginary first crash would have been like.

“Feeling good except for my face.”

“Head has stopped spinning.”

“Keep riding.”

Now I have made it to the turn around for the 7.2-mile route.

“My lip is still bleeding

“Not like it was.”

“Don’t have the courage, to try the scary next mile and a half. Can I turn around and go home?”

“The road goes two ways.”

“Ride the other way.”

“Don’t know that part of the road.”

“Ride the other way. Just for a few minutes, I still wanna ride. That big bruise coming up on the back of your leg isn’t gonna hurt. Today.”

“Okay, isn’t that weird-farm that way? Just for a little while.”

Now I am riding on an unknown road and doing okay, until this bigger than I wanna tackle hill appears. I make it up and feel exhausted all of a sudden. I turn back.

My bike computer says I did about ten miles. Not bad for another ‘Crash and Burn’ episode.

My injuries are a scrapped up upper lip that could pass for a cold sour. A scrap on my chin 'bout the size of a dime, the whole right third of my mouth is a little bruised and my low lip has a couple chapped-looking scrapes on it. I also have a nice size bruise on the back of my leg from the cross bar of my bike. My cheek is tender and so is a spot on my shoulder but they are not black and blue. Nothing got broken except my pride. I’ll try for a long ride again on Saturday.

Oh, by the way, my Ray-Bans have a big scratch on them. The place where I got them said it would cost me $115 to fix them. Its outta my line of vision, I’ll wait.

Friday Training:
Run 3 miles, road and XC.
Bike 10+ miles.

Life - Don’t stand up until you're sure the gears changed.

Monday, August 29, 2005

In the Beginning

I love to read blogs. I have found them entertaining, sad, inspiring and fun.

I started this blog to create my own little world.